Best of Pavarotti & Friends - The Duets

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[1] I Hate You Then I Love You [with Celine Dion]
[2] Live Like Horses [with Elton John]
[3] Hero [with Mariah Carey]
[4] Miss Sarajevo [with Bono/The Edge/Brian Eno]
[5] Holy Mother [with Eric Clapton]
[6] Panis Angelicus [with Sting]
[7] Miserere [with Zucchero]
[8] Notte 'e piscatore [[with Andrea Bocelli]
[9] The Magic of Love [with Lionel Richie]
[10] 'O sole mio [with Bryan Adams]
[11] La chi darem la mano [with Sheryl Crow]
[12] Let it Rain [with Bon Jovi]
[13] There Must be an Angel [with Eurythmics]
[14] My Way [with Frank Sinatra]

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