Collins Key Business Skills

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Der Schwerpunkt von Key Business Skills liegt darin, Sie erfolgreich in Präsentationen, Meetings sowie Verhandlungen im Beruf, zu begleiten. In 24 Einheiten können Sie Ihre Sprache und Ihren Wortschatz ü;ben, Sie lernen Kultur-Tipps für den Umgang mit Kollegen und Kunden und verbessern so ihre Geschäftsbeziehungen. Die beiliegende Audio-CD hilft Ihnen zudem dabei, ihre Aussprache zu verbessern.

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Be the best you can be in presentations, meetings, negotiations and networking. Collins Key Business Skills gives you the tools you need to succeed in business if English is not your first language.
Written by an expert in business and international communication, Key Business Skills offers professional advice and practice in the following areas:

  • presentations
  • meetings
  • negotiations
  • networking

Non-native English speaker executives working in international environments need more than Business English. They need the business skills to present, run meetings, negotiate and network in international environments and then master the language needed to use those skills successfully.

Key Business Skills follows a unique 'Business Plus' approach, with a focus on business skills and advice plus English language support. It provides activities to develop key skills needed by executives, such as dealing with difficult questions in presentations, intervening
successfully in conference calls and meetings, recognizing the signals in a negotiation in English and networking without causing offence.

The 24 units include language and vocabulary practice, as well as cultural tips for interacting with colleagues and clients, to ensure you avoid embarrassment and to help enhance your business relationships.

  • All the fundamental skills needed for business in one book
  • Focuses on business skills and advice plus English language support
  • Audio CD features native-speaker models to help you improve pronunciation
  • Includes key vocabulary for each skill
  • Provides essential cultural awareness tips for working in international businesses
  • Suitable for self-study or can be used in the classroom with students of Business English
  • For CEF level B1-C1 (Intermediate-Advanced)

A note on the author
Barry Tomalin is a world-recognized writer, trainer and lecturer in language, cultural awareness and international communication. He has worked with the British Council and the BBC World Service, and is currently Director of Cultural Training at International House, London.

  • Written by a well-known expert in the field of business, language and international communication.
  • Unlike any other titles on the market: this unique handbook is a one-stop shop covering both business and communication skills as well as language and cultural support (the Business Plus approach).
  • Uses UK and US business models as standard but shows how expectations may differ across other business styles, e.g. Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern and European.
  • Has been tried and tested successfully in short courses in multinational businesses.
  • Written in a light and engaging tone, with a friendly approach that speaks directly to the user.
  • Suitable for self-study or can be used in the classroom with students of Business English.
  • Aimed at English speakers at CEF level B1-;C1

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