Looking At Grammar Intermediate/Advanced

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LOOKING AT GRAMMAR has been written for students at
intermediate and advanced level. There is, however, no strict
boundary between these levels, and there aren’t any ‘no-goareas’
for either ability group.
Concentrating on the Present, Past and Future Tenses and
their aspectual expansion into Progressive, Perfect and Perfect
Progressive forms, FORWARD TO BASICS starts out with a
systematic presentation of the basic notions of time, tense and
aspect. As connections between form and meaning established
here will regularly recur in the subsequent chapters, this section
serves as the groundwork for all further study and is the ideal
starting point for students at intermediate level. Advanced
students can use it as a short refresher course enabling them
to identify these basic structures of the English verb system in
work on advanced level.
Referring back to the features and structures established in the
groundwork section, INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED comprises
chapters on the Passive Voice, If-Clauses, Auxiliaries, Reported
Speech and the non-finite verb forms. This section is presented
on intermediate level, but is equally relevant to advanced stu
dents, who may need to refresh their memories before tackling
the exercises in the Advanced section.
The ADVANCED EXERCISES section is obviously meant for
advanced students, but is equally relevant to students who have
exhausted the scope of the intermediate sections and want to go
on to ‘further studies’. To safeguard continuity these exercises
mostly take up the subject matter from the Intermediate section.

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