PONS Grammatik in Bildern Englisch

PONS Grammatik in Bildern Englisch - Jeder kann Grammatik lernen. Die neue visuelle Methode: sehen und (endlich) verstehen. Niveau A1-B2

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Jeder kann Grammatik lernen!

  • 1 Bild sagt mehr als 1000 Worte.
  • Grammatik kann schön sein! Gehen Sie angstfrei an Themen heran, von denen Sie immer dachten, dass Sie sie nie verstehen werden.
  • Komplexe und "trockene" Regeln werden übersichtlich und einfach dargestellt.
  • Mit visuellen Darstellungen, wie z. B. Bildern, Grafiken, Piktogrammen u.v.m., prägen sich selbst schwierigste Phänomene leicht ein.
Lernen Sie erfolgreich Grammatik mit der neuen visuellen PONS-Methode!
Für visuelle Lerntypen, denen das Grammatiklernen bisher schwergefallen ist. Anfänger (A1) bis Fortgeschrittene (B2).

Rezension von Spotlight-Online:

Grammar in pictures? Is that possible? Pons says "Yes!" In an unusual reference work, Grammatik in Bildern: Englisch, the publisher has made a dry subject very appealing.

With colourful content spread over more than 300 pages, this guide gives learners (from beginners upwards) a solid foundation in the basics of English grammar. Specially chosen images reinforce the rules of tenses, adjectives, comparatives and superlatives, prepositions, sentence types and sentence construction, numbers, units of measurement, all the different ways to say "no", and lots more.

The photo editor obviously had a lot of fun with this one. Almost every concept has a clever picture, or several, to go with it. "Prepositions of place", for example, are illustrated as a mystery showing the possible locations of a missing slipper taken by the family dog; the story ends with the dog having his photo taken at the police station. "Prepositions of time" appear as a filmstrip, telling the story of a sudden romance. "Adverbs and word order" are illustrated by children baking cookies. Two pages on the past progressive recall various events that happened on a day that saw a lot of snow.

That is not to say that there are only pictures in this book. There are short explanations in German of each of the grammar elements that make up the English language, along with English examples and their German translations. Almost all of the examples are geographically neutral; important differences between British and North American English are pointed out.

The idea is to give the reader as much visual input as possible, since images influence the emotions, and emotions are what help us to remember. Learning English grammar is sometimes enough to make people cry (if you have schoolchildren, you'll know what we mean), but work through this book, and we think it will brighten your mood.

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